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Genes are those entities that determine our unique personalities. Genes do not only determine the way we look but also the way our body functions. Genetic medicine facilitates the development of genetic knowledge and its medical applications, while improving society understanding of genetics. Gene therapy is considered as an experimental technique that uses genes in treatment or prevention of diseases. Genetic medicine research and genetic therapy are gradually involved in development of treatments for health problems caused by genetic abnormalities.

Journal of Genetic Medicine and Gene Therapy paves the way for scientists, researchers and doctors to publish their esteemed manuscripts regarding the discoveries and developments in the field of genetic medicine and genetic therapy. The Journal provide a platform for international scholars to publish manuscripts enhancing knowledge for safe and effective use of genetic medicines and to advance gene therapy to its full potential.

Reasons for Publishing

Despite great strides in Genetic Medicine and Gene Therapy, their potential usefulness has been limited by lack of scientific data concerning the horde of functions that genes control in the human body. For instance, one group of scientists are alarmed that the gene therapy may cause disease while other group has fear that gene therapy may be used to regulate development of human intelligence. Moreover, gene therapy is currently being tested for the treatment of diseases that have no other cures.

To address these issues, Heighten Science took the initiative through Journal of Genetic Medicine and Gene Therapy to publish scholarly manuscripts that can assist in searching the answers for the questions that surround the use and treatment related to genetic medicine and gene therapy.

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